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Who is taking care of your data

The owner and manager of the data processing of the site is Francesca Bortolaso, VAT number 03666530237. 

For all third party services on which you refer to their privacy and cookie management policies that you find linked in the various sections of this privacy policy. If there is something you did not understand or you want to ask me to delete your data, write an email to This privacy policy is licensed Creative Commons Attribution - Share alike 4.0 International. It means you can use it in whole or in part - even on commercial sites like this one - if you allow it to be shared in the same way as well.

What information do I collect when you use the site and which not: Google Analytics and traffic data analysis

Like everyone who has a site, I am interested in knowing who visits it, what they look at and where it comes from. This thing in technical terms is called "traffic data analysis" and to make use of it Google Analytics - here the information on privacy and the protection of personal data.

What information do I collect

Google Analytics has a lot of very advanced features that allow you to know a lot of things about who visits a site. I only use it to know the essential things: who visits the site - language, location, device, browser and operating system - what they watch - classic traffic data: page views, average time, ranking of the most viewed pages, etc. - and where does it come from - so-called referrals: if you come from Facebook, Google, the newsletter and so on. All the information that Google Analytics collects comes to me anonymously. This means that I do not know your name, where you live, what is your email address, which pages you have seen, how long you have been on the site and where you have come from but only that tot people in a certain period of time have arrived on the site they have been there for a long time, they have seen certain pages and so on. If you want to learn more, here is the official Google Analytics documentation - in Italian. If you don't want your traffic data to be tracked you can use this browser extension (there is for all major browsers).

Which ones are not

Instead, I do not use Google Analytics to collect information to be used for advertising, so in my Google Analytics account all the features that are used to advertise on the internet are disabled. Another thing I don't use is a feature called User ID, and which in practice allows you to track who uses the site even when they change devices: first computer, then phone, then tablet and so on. I've also limited the things Google Analytics can know about you using a technique called IP anonymization. In practice, this means that when you use the Google Analytics site it hides part of the information about your geographic location, and that when I go to see where the users of the site are, the information I see is a little less accurate.

Where is this information

The information that Google Analytics collects is on Google Analytics and nowhere else. This means that Google keeps the information and that I do not make copies stored elsewhere, neither on my computer nor printed anywhere. When I want to look at traffic data, I do it by going to Google Analytics.

Who has access to this information

At this moment only Francesca Bortolaso and the site administrator have access to the Google Analytics account.

How to block Google Analytics

If you don't want Google Analytics to tell me these things about you you can use this extension made available by Google: there is for all major browsers. If you want you can also look at the information that Google makes available on privacy and data protection of Google Analytics. If there is something you did not understand or you want to ask me to delete your data or in general for anything that crosses your mind, write an email to


How do I manage the personal information you give to buy

One of the things you can do on this site is to buy something. To buy something on this site you must give us your personal information: so let's see carefully and point by point what happens to this information when you buy something.

The personal information you leave to buy
If you decide to buy something at some point you come to a page called checkout. One of the things you have to do on this page to be able to buy is to write your personal information: name, surname, email and full address are mandatory for everyone. Once the purchase is completed, I will contact you by email for billing and ask you for a VAT number and tax code.
What happens if the purchase fails

If the purchase is not successful - for example because the credit card is refused - I will still keep the order and the personal information you entered.

Where is this information

All this information I keep them on Shopify in the administration area of the site. Data transmission is encrypted with HTTPS and there is a security system that protects against unwanted access: as far as reasonably possible, because on the internet it is impossible to guarantee absolute data security.

I also keep backup copies of this information in safe places and periodicallysite administrator he downloads them to study them calmly on his computer.

Who has access to this information

Right now there are two people who have access to this information: Francesca Bortolaso, owner of Fish Art, and Giulia Grobberio, the site administrator. The accountant who follows the accounting also has access to this information on the invoices. No one else has access to this information and we do not share it in any way with anyone else or with services or people other than those we have written above.

How to change this information

If you want to change this information, the simplest thing is to write an email to

How to export or delete this information 

If you want to export or delete this information write an email to However, please note that if I have issued one or more invoices in your name I am legally obliged to keep at least one copy, so in this case I will not be able to completely delete this information.

Would you like to know more?

If there is something you did not understand, write us an email to, thesite administrator who manages customer service with me and who reads the emails that arrive at that address.


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