‪Glass working techniques‬

My passion for glass started in the early 90s has led me to experiment various processing techniques in Italy and abroad. I have worked on numerous projects also on commission: tiles, door panels, table tops, interior glass details for forniture like handles, knobs, mirror frames, lamps, photo frames, bowls, small sculptures and more. 

Lampworking | Venetian technique

A very ancient technique with which I realize glass beads and fishes, every single piece is unique: glass and fire meet and melt in a 1,200° mixed gas-oxygen flame while elements shapes and colors blend, I virtually dance with them. The art of glass beads has recently been included by UNESCO in the representative list of the intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Kiln firing technique

I’m very passionate for Kiln Fusing, this the media I mainly use to realize my fish sculptures. Glass is cut upon a specific design and then put in a special kiln where the fusing process runs around 800° where the controlled firing schedule and cooling cycle takes place.


Tiffany technique (stained glass) 

The Tiffany technique, invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800s was the first technique with which I approached glass professionally. It consists in assembling together colored glass cut pieces surrounded by copper tape and subsequent lead/tin casting. Very popular during Art Deco and Art Nouveau times, today is commonly applied to create modern lamps, interior design objects and glass panels for interiors.

Projects on commission

If you want to make a tailor-made gift totally handmade send an email to hello@fishartstore.com, I will be happy to create a glass object for you.

Courses and workshops

I run intensive classes and workshops on request both individual or group ones. For information and costs write to hello@fishartstore.com



You come from earth, water, air and fire, 
You reflect my image, my being.
Sometimes hard and fragile, sensitive and transparent 
and... also tender and flexible when fire meets you, 
ready to let you forge, to give in to the heat.

Together we dance a sort of alchemy 
of careful and precise gestures 
where shape and  colors melt, 
almost ritual, almost magic, 
to give life to shapes, objects, beads and jewelry. 

Sometimes when I work you, Glass, 
I feel that your little heart of fire remains alive, 
combined with my passion, 
and it’s a hot, beating heart, 
ready to come alive every time 
that object made of you, of us, 
will be chosen, gifted or simply touched.