• Ocean Hearts

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Fish Art Ocean

Fish Art glass jewelry and sculptures are handicraft jewels dedicated to the sea, each creation is a unique piece entirely handmade by Francesca Bortolaso, Artist, Artisan and Glass Master.

Her jewels, lampworked with Murano technique, have a feminine and colorful soul, dedicated to women who love Italian craftsmanship. Her glass sculptures, which tell Francesca’s love for fish life and the ocean, are made of kiln fused glass, with a playful touch, harmonious colors, Venetian Murrine and graphic decorations in copper.

Fish Art jewels keep the secrets of the sea

Handmade jewelry, small collections that for their philosophy and workmanship follow the rhythms and times of Italian craftsmanship. Inspired by seas and oceans, they are colorful, vibrant and sustainable: pendants, earrings and bracelets are made of Murano glass and handcrafted copper, mounted on eco-cork cords.

Fish Art Jewelry

Ocean Hearts

take me to the islands

Glass sculptures

Glass fishes

Lampwork technique

the art of glass

Francesca's lab

Protecting seas and oceans

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